tili MY BBC MASTER tire december . 2010

Why a new site for an old computer that was made in the 80's and 90's
There is just one simple answer to it for me : Nostalgia

It all started not with a BBC Master, but with an Acorn Electron (that still have stored somwhere)
From my saving I bought it back than and played a lot with it and bought games when I had enough money again.
But as friends got a BBC B I got jealous, because these games were much faster and some even did not work on my Electron. But these machines where way to expensive for me.
But time passed and I upgraded my Electron with a PRESS ADFS disc system. And later with the
Slogger Master Ram Board, that gave me a 64k, (a shadow RAM) and a turbo mode.
Lots of games got faster and got more memory to use when writing my own programs.
After a while a Apple Macintosh came into my life and the Electron was stored in a box, but not forgotten. I even got the BBC machine from my friend who had switched to a Master and later to an Archimedes.

Present day, year 2010.
2 years ago I wondered if there would be a comunity that would do something with the old BBC machines from the 80's. This because my storage was getting full and wanted to get sell my BBC B machine. And yes I found them and so found out that this communety was still quite active producing software and games and expansions for these machines. A few clicks further I found ElectrEm from Thomas Harte that would emulate my Electron on my Mac.
Happy as a small kid I start to play with it and downloaded my old games from the internet.
BeebEm was my next discovery and this would emulate a BBC and Master with all kinds of expansions.

But playing around on a BBC or Electron using an emulator was not the feeling as it had back then.
So I sold my BBC and bought me a brand new (wel 2nd hand of course) BBC Master from RetroClinic with some nice up to date extras :

  • External USB port to fit in a USB stick to load and save disc images or programs
  • An internal flash Hard Drive, that would give me 4 internal partitions with each 512 MB of storage.
  • An internal Ram Filing System.

So being fully up to date with a new retro machine I continue to play and program around and joining the communtity of the BBC people.