tili LINKS tire january . 2011


Here are some very usfull links to other Acorn 8-bit sites:

At G7JJF's it all started. Here I found John Welch's BeebEm for Mac. He has converted the Windows BeebEm to the Mac. Beside the BeebEm he created DFS and ADFS Explorer too. Some nice utils.

This is the original BeebEm emulatorfor Windows. A must have if you want to play 8-bit games on PC.
Want to upgrade your 8-bit micro, have a visit at Retro Clinic. Mark can give you a flash hard drive (internal or external) and more for any BBC. (I did, and really happy with it)

The living heart of the retro Acorn 8-bit world. Here at the Star Dot forum, you can ask almost any question or find any answer on 8-bit BBC Micro's